Response to Orlando shooting of 6/12/16

Unity of Melbourne grieves with the people of Orlando. We are holding a space of love, peace, compassion and prayer for the LGBT community, the Latin American community and everyone touched by the tragic mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub on 6/12/16.

Unity of Melbourne is committed to do our part to create a world that promotes acceptance, harmony and peace, a world that is no longer hurt by fear or violence but a world that celebrates love and our common humanity. We pray together, we heal together, we express Divine Love through our words and actions and by doing so we help change our world.

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Merry Christmas 2014

It is a beautiful day and I have a few quiet minutes as I wait for The Sunrise Mobile Bank to arrive. A perfect time to try out our new blog.  A perfect time to send an invitation to our Christmas Eve Service at 7:00pm tonight and to say a prayer for each of us.

As we gather our energy and take a deep breath, focusing on our physical heart space, we exhale letting go of any tension and expectations.  We open our spiritual and emotional hearts to share love and peace with the world.  We let our light out to shine the way for others and we bask in the love, peace and light reflected back to us. We choose in this moment to bless and to be blessed and so it is in the name of the living Christ presence which indwells us all.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Beth



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