Core Values

Led by Spirit in all we do, our Core Values are:

Core Value Rationale (Why) Organizational Actions Individual Actions
We are interconnected individual expressions of the one God.   There is only one presence and one power in the universe and in our life and affairs.   Whatever we do to others, we do to ourselves. UCM welcomes everyone in all our worship, educational, spiritual development and service activities. I look for and acknowledge the Christ Spirit within each person.
UCM leaders model compassionate communication and teach it to others. I listen to and respect the views of others.
UCM creates goals that support congregants working together for the common good. I act in accord with and for the benefit of all.
Spirit Led      
We are centered in God Consciousness.   We are inspired by Spirit.  We listen within and pay attention to God, knowing that our answers can come in many ways. UCM begins each service, class and event with prayer and by affirming our core values, mission and vision. I make my spiritual practices a priority and set aside time daily to be attuned to and guided by Spirit.
UCM leaders and members sit in the silence when confronted with problems or decisions. I enrich my spirituality by participating in classes, small groups and ministry teams.
UCM teaches spiritual principles and practices to help adults and children  cultivate communion with the Divine. I pray for my friends and loved ones, knowing that God within is what they need.
We express unconditional love, an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everyone.  God is love and therefore inherently who we are..  When we love, we grow in consciousness and benefit the community and the world. UCM’s Welcoming Team greets everyone in love and focuses loving energy on the congregation. I consciously choose to make a heart connection in all my interactions.
UCM provides loving support to its members through the Chaplaincy Program. I always look for the good in others and choose only to speak well of them.
UCM expands a consciousness of love through our spiritual development programs and opportunities for service. I experience Spirit’s unconditional love through my practice of gratitude.
We know that God is our source and gratefully celebrate the unlimited possibilities present in every moment. We live in a continuous flow of giving and receiving. Our attention and gratitude increase the flow. UCM tithes to others to demonstrate the spiritual principle of the law of circulation. I share and tithe what has been graciously given to me, acknowledging my                                        spiritual source. 
UCM Board and Ministry Teams create our long range plans knowing that anything is possible.  We think big! I am a good steward and use all my resources responsibly.
UCM values, honors and celebrates the contributions and service of our members. I give thanks in all situations and speak of what is possible, not what is impossible.
We actively evolve into our highest and best expression of Being. As we transform individually, we inspire transformation in our community and the world. UCM offers a wide variety of programs to encourage personal transformation in our spiritual community. I trust in Spirit and am open to change manifesting in me.
UCM’s Services inspire transformation through prayer, meditation and uplifting music and lessons. I pray, meditate, study, apply Unity principles and live the Truth I know daily.
UCM nurtures and develops enlightened leaders who model and practice the 5 Unity Principles. I support and practice UCM’s core values.

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